Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hands up if you like the random, list-type blogs! The rest of you: Sorry, but that's what you're getting.

1) Letting go of expectation, the illusion of control, and anything else similar to those things is the best feeling.
2) I got a summons for jury duty. I actually want picked! I could use that time to do some *serious* reading.
3) I registered for Pagan Spirit Gathering. That leaves, over the next two months, getting Hal's tie rod replaced and just getting the camping equipment I'll need together, expenditure wise. Suggestions on food for the week I'll be out in the woods are welcome.
4) I got to see the Munchkins briefly a couple weeks ago when I went to Marion for Emma's baptism. There's just never enough time with them.
5) I currently have about five different books at different stages in the reading process. I LOVE Sara Gruen and am flying through Ape House after devouring her first novel, Water for Elephants. Stranger in a Strange Land is another, very different story. Reading lots of non-fiction lately--how odd is that??
6) Peace seems to be growing exponentially with ever more time without being treated to my mother's bullying tactics of conversion.
7) I've been a bad jeerleader and book club participant lately but, at the same time, the Queer Book Club I started seems to be really taking off. I feel all accomplished about that.
8) I had to take a break from the walking/jogging that I was doing because of some inflammation in my hip but I'm ready to get back out there now. Oh, also, I was seduced into roller skating and didn't hate it.
9) Still on a hiatus from any romantic pursuits although there is some very interesting potential that could go either way depending on whether we can be in the same state for any length of time. This one... She definitely brings out the flirt in me and makes me forget a lot of my hangups and shyness. It's a distinctly different type of grin, what she inspires.

I think that's it for now. I make no promises but there may be more on the whole 'roller skating' thing soon.

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