Monday, October 31, 2011


1) I moved to North County again. Feels familiar in good ways although I'll miss my apartment for a while, I'm sure. The cats seem to be settling in well and the unpacking process is moving along albeit somewhat slowly.
2) I wonder if other people outgrow the desire to just be held sometimes and told they're okay. I haven't.
3) Student teaching is in the questionable category again. I want to make the leap and get out of this job but my increasing awareness of the economy and job market has made me extremely hesitant that this is the right time.
4) In two weeks, I turn 35. The jury is still out on whether that milestone is going to go over easily.
5) The holidays creep ever closer which is kind of bumming me out today. I sent the munchkins their birthday gifts but haven't any indicators whether they got them or not.
6) The amazing boyfriend has been sick for just over a week.
7) I'm unbelievably sore from this move so, good night all.

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