Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melty brain cells

This week has been godawful long. And, it's only Wednesday! The holiday party at work was Monday and it just took so much out of me. A little background: I was on the committee for the annual departmental retreat a couple of months ago. The coworker who was in charge of that didn't micromanage and make sure everything flowed together and, instead, let gaps between activities build to the point that everyone's boss, the head of the department, came to my boss, Tracey, to ask why nothing was happening and to ask her to step in. Not good. So, when I got handed the holiday party, I already knew it needed to go well. So, I held committee meetings every week to ensure that each person (who I had hand-picked for their willingness to get in there and work) knew exactly what they were doing and when and to make damned sure that nothing unexpected was going to fuck this up. Monday, as I said, was the day of the event. I got to work a bit after 7 just to corral things and people and get the decorating started. I didn't actually mind the early hour so much. It was the authority I had to take on that got to me. I had to not only direct everyone on the committee, telling them/reminding them what their parts where and keeping one eye on the time all day so that things went according to my very strict itinerary, but to keep all the other people who were just there for the fun stuff going as well. Long story short (too late!) by four pm, I was absolutely exhausted. I mean tired like I hadn't been since the almost-hurricane in Corpus that kept me up, getting the house hurricane-proofed, for about 48 hours. I still don't feel like I've fully caught up. It was just physically taxing as well as mentally. I will say, though, that facing some things that make me very nervous (public speaking, giving orders, etc.) and getting through them without being laughed at or facing outright refusals does make me a bit less hesitant about tackling something like that again. Next year, though, they better not try and make us do this on a budget of $0 again. I'm not going there again.

All of that, btw, is the reason I have no real knitting/reading news for you guys. I've been coming home and staring at something on the tv every evening for the past week or two, trying to fit in basic cleaning when I remember. The resulting lack of ability to piece two thoughts together for very long has led me to: A) Forget a doctor's appointment today that I made three months ago until about an hour before it started. I had to haul ass to that since they couldn't reschedule until February. B) Repeatedly misplace my keys at work, locking myself out of my office at one point. C)Blatantly misspell a word on my weekly 'Words of the day' fb status (only one person noticed, btw). Beyond those examples, it gets REALLY embarrassing so, I'll share in person if you ask but not on here. Melty brain cells.

Oh, but, Abby and Costello did get adopted like five minutes after I brought them home. It's great for them but made me a bit sad which is probably why I was so happy to foster another kitty, Frannie. She was here for about two days before Sable and Daisy completely accepted her but I knew about 10 minutes in that she wasn't going anywhere. She's a magic cat, this one. I had to re-name her, though, since I won't have a pet sharing a name with a family member (my aunt). After some thought, I decided that her quirky way of winning people and other cats over reminded me most of Luna Lovegood from HP. So, Luna, it is. Expect pics soon.

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