Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of Kittens and holidays

I used to be more of a holiday person. Not so much these days-the winter months tend to take a lot more effort than I usually 'fess up to. The cold, the fact that it's dark by 5pm, the way one of my favorite local radio stations plays NOTHING but xmas carols for at least 5 weeks... It's all a bit much for me. But, I do like giving gifts and that provides me the opportunity for shopping that I actually enjoy. This year, oddly enough, most of my family has requested gift cards. So, I'm probably going to ignore that for the self-indulgent pleasure I get out of choosing and giving them something more than a piece of plastic. And, of course, the holidays mean all kinds of work parties. I skipped out on the Secret Santa thing this year but tomorrow starts my office's annual 'Week of Food.' What's that, you ask? Well, every year, the folks I work with divide the week up and three or four people bring in food for everyone each day of the week. It's pretty cool but, having gone vegetarian does sort of take me out of it this year. And, of course, I'll be moving offices sometime (hopefully soon before I actually snap and hurt a certain coworker). I still don't know when that's all going to occur but I will (obviously) keep you all posted. I'll probably be heading to Mom's and Angie's for the actual days around xmas but may keep it a shorter visit to come home and check on the menagerie of cats here.

Now for the kittens! I'm fostering what must be the two most adorable examples around at the moment. Abby and Costello-such great names-are my shadows around the apartment now. They only pause at the bedroom where Daisy has holed up in protest. I think she'll come around since she's definitely got the advantage of size over these two. Abby (second picture) is a bit more outgoing than Costello but they are both total lap cats and very, very, cuddly. I think they'll have no trouble getting adopted right away. Not sure if that makes me happy, lol.

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