Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 65

It's just barely day 65 but there's been little sleep to be had in this waiting room. Most of us who are here for the birth have been in this room for a few hours, trying to get some sleep while Amy does the same down the hall. Unfortunately, a group of people (who make us McGuires look meek and mild) filled the room until around 30 minutes ago. Tried to sleep on the floor with my coat for a pillow but mostly just watched Em sleeping. And, in all honesty, it's less like watching someone sleep than watching a strange interpretive dance. I wonder what dreams fill her head, my Emmabug. Earlier we walked to the nursery to look at the newborns through the window and she was completely awestruck. On the walk back she wanted to know all about when she was born and wondered just why she couldn't remember it. The things she comes up with...

Being around while someone is in labor (or being induced) is a far different experience thus far than I thought it'd be. They started Amy on one type of med and are going to switch her over to another in a couple hours. Supposedly that second med (Pitocin) will make things start happening fairly quickly. She's been having contractions without it around every thirty seconds but apparently not really progressing. So, we'll see what happens when they change things around at four. I'm actually amazed I'm this coherent in writing when the thought "Must. Find. Coffee!" keeps running through my head.

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