Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 225

Since it’s the 10th and I’ve got nothing really important to share, here are ten random thoughts.

1) Trying to decide whether painting my bedroom purple would be worth the hassle of repainting later. On one hand, duh, a purple bedroom would just be kick-ass. On the other, painting it twice? Not so awesome.
2) The little stress ball I keep on my desk has been named Mikey for ages but, the more I look at him lately, the more I think he might actually be a Bert instead.
3) Been reading the second of George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Ice series for reasons I’ve forgotten. 500+ pages in and I’m really just reading it to be done now.
4) I keep looking at this sweet potato plant that I threw in a bucket with some potting soil and have just left in the yarn room. It’s getting huge now and I’ve got *no* idea what to do with it when it outgrows its bucket.
5) I like the word ‘earthy’ a lot lately for some reason.
6) I watched the musical episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer like three times. And, every time I watch it, the scene where Anya goes all rock n’ roll about evil bunnies *still* makes me nearly cry with laughter.
7) Along the same lines, I need to find a way to make a ribbon award for someone who made me laugh so hard I had to pull the car over and let someone else drive the other day.
8) I spent most of today booking meetings for 2011. It sucks. But, I got the nicest email from another administrative assistant, telling me she felt my pain and that I was doing a great job. Her name? Karma.
9) Before I leave this job, I’m going to seriously consider sneaking a year’s worth of breath mints into a certain coworker’s office just to see how he responds. Stop chewing tobacco all day long, dammit!
10) I keep wondering if Jane Austen *would* appreciate that Jane Austen Fight Club video that’s gone viral recently. I sort of picture her finding it amusing, especially when the girls wander around all disheveled and just shrug it off.

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