Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 232

The week sped by. I meant to post more last week but, suddenly I turned around and it was the weekend and last weekend was *nuts*. Derby Saturday (including an actual routine by the Jeerleaders) was preceded by working at the Farmer's Market and a lunch and movie date. (No, I won't get into the date or the Jeerleader routine on here. For date details ask me privately. There's a video of the Jeerleader stuff on Facebook.) Sunday I was so wiped out and dehydrated that I didn't do much of anything but lie around and watch Buffy. I'm almost done with the series now. *Someone* insists that all the characters get slaughtered in the final episode. I remain skeptical and have so far resisted temptation to look around online for spoilers that would confirm or deny it.

Discovered that, not only am I rapidly accumulating white hair in my eyebrows as well as atop my head, but that my eyelashes are coming in white now. Nice.

Things are the same with my mom. She and I are just going to keep butting heads until one of us gives in, I think. I'm tired of being called evil and wrong, though. I wonder from one day to the next sometimes whether sticking to my guns on this one is a sign of maturity or stubbornness. Maybe both?

Emma has an appointment with a thyroid specialist at Children's tomorrow so maybe I'll get to see her for a bit. I hope so.

More times with several of my friends swinging in parks around the area have been so much fun that I think we're going to incorporate it in an upcoming get-together. What strikes me most about those times, aside from the pure fun I have during them, is the pictures that have come from the outings. I keep hearing (from people who really notice these things)that I've lost weight. And, obviously, I'm aware of it as I have to buy new clothes when things stop fitting. But, I guess I still don't see it or I didn't until some really recent pictures started getting put online. To clarify: weight loss has never been a goal for me in recent years. Eating more healthily and ethically as well as reconnecting with nature has been. Seems that the two are going to go hand-in-hand for now, at least. In terms of food, in general, I've not been cooking at home as much and that needs to change. For some reason, devoting time to learning recipes and cooking has lost a bit of its appeal since this time last year. I think part of it is just that it's more challenging to cook for one person than I realized. And not good challenging.

I was greatly amused by yesterday as it was declared 'Pester Anita Fitzwater Day' on Facebook and several of my friends went all out to find amusing/tacky/bizarre things to post on my page. Only at the very end of the day did I see anything *truly* aggravating but I think they enjoyed the search for things to share as much as I enjoyed seeing what they came up with. Sequels devoted to each of them will be coming up soon.

This weekend will find me in Kentucky, visiting Stina and Tor again for a few days. I need a break and some serious girl talk. There may even be baking of cupcakes! So excited to get away for a bit. I'm worn down and even bitchier than usual lately.


  1. A couple of good cookbooks for us single folk who like to cook:

    15 Minute Single Gourmet (Paulette Mitchell) - not vegetarian, contains chicken and fish, but you can adapt as needed. And the recipes are GOOD

    Student's Vegetarian Cookbook (Carole Raymond) - my copy is held together by a rubber band. :) It's that good.

    Also use cooking websites like Allrecipes.com (one of my faves) where you can adjust the scale (no. of servings) in a recipe down to 2 or 4.

    And I can email you a really really tasty vegetarian lasagna that you make in 2 loaf pans...2 servings per pan. Freeze one. :)

  2. I will absolutely look for those books, Shana. And, yes, please email me that recipe! Thanks for the suggestions and help.