Monday, June 27, 2011

6.27.2011 (pt. 2--a rant)

Two of my cousins (a pair of sisters) deleted and/or blocked me from contacting them on Facebook today. I keep telling myself this shouldn't bother me and to just breathe and let it go. And, except for the following, I might find that more easily done.

When these cousins were continually put down and labeled by my mother and sisters, I stood up for them and argued for tolerance.
When my mother and sisters criticized and tried to derail one of their weddings, I was the *only* one of my immediate family who didn't participate in that and who attended said wedding.
I have baby sat both of these women as well as the children of one of them without asking for anything in return.
When the older of the two was brutally attacked by her estranged husband, I was there arguing against the victim blaming that many family members engaged in even to the extent of being willing to take photos that they could use later to demonstrate her injuries.
I have, as I do with most people I have affection for, offered advice, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, for many years.

I am so hurt and angry over this. I cannot understand it.

I know my flaws pretty well. I may lack discretion, moderation, may speak without thinking or say the wrong thing. But, I know myself to be a good, loyal, person and I just cannot see how moving in the same direction as someone (my mother) who has denigrated, criticized publicly and made every attempt to take away from these people's happiness is justified.

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