Saturday, June 4, 2011


Someone suggested today, after hearing a story from my childhood that I haven't shared with anyone but a therapist and (maybe) my exhusband, that this may be a time when that pain could actually heal. And, I started this blog planning to share it but I'm still not sure. I feel the need to get it out, to express it but... I guess I need to process it more.

Life is okay, getting better in some ways, staying the same in others. In other words, the bio family stuff is the same except even quieter. I had what was an epic date last week and look forward to more time with someone I almost instantly clicked with, a kindred spirit. :) I have been working on meditating more and I keep making my focus what makes me happy and starting each day with acceptance of where I am and being present as much as I can in each moment.

I'm ready for PSG. More so each day.

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