Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emma-isms update (+1 Alex-ism)

So, after what wasn't exactly my favorite week (3 meetings and a dentist visit), I got to hang out with my favorite kids yesterday and this morning. So, I have a few Emma-isms to share.

#1-"I just churched my hand!" (No idea what it means but, I figure it's not good)

#2-"I'll hold you down and spit in your face!" (To my brother-in-law after he accidentally got water on her face)

#3-"I'm not a packing monster! I'm just a regular one!" (When Mom was trying to get her to help load the car this morning)

#4-"Maverick is my aunt, too cause he's Bobby's dog and Bobby's my uncle. That makes him my aunt!" (I have no words for that one.)

#5-"Anita wouldn't stop needling in the car and Mem said not to." (Needling=knitting, I swear)

And, finally, an introductory Alex-ism:
When I gasped at a really intense scene in Up, "Your mouth's open. It's okay, you can close it now."

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