Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fiber madness

I swear that's a real thing. Really! I bought more yarn today despite my pledge not to until I finished more of the projects I have going/queued. But, it wasn't my fault. It was pretty. And laceweight. And purple! And 20% off! So, if you add all that up, I think you'll agree that I am wholly blameless in the further development of what appears to be an addiction. I keep thinking that a group of the A.A. variety should be available for those of us with this disease but, really, all we would do is knit at them and, obviously, that would just contribute to the purchase of more yarn. Vicious circle.

Pagan Picnic was awesome again this year. Picked up some good stuff-salt scrub(made by another Anita so I was obligated to buy it), a book by River and Joyce Higginbotham that seems like another good addition to my collection (so far it's providing some food for thought but, more on that another day) and a goddess bracelet that caught my eye and has got me looking at Athena more closely. Never really gave much thought to the Greco-roman pantheon but, in keeping with what has worked in the past, going with what feels right or that I feel an unexplained pull toward, this seems like an interesting turn in my path.

Also got a nice little sunburn from the picnic and a tarot reading by Melissa (the psychic I saw last year and again in Feb.). I still don't know what to say about that; her readings are always so accurate and, this time, she again echoed what I was feeling lately-that things are okay, moving in the right direction. I'm just supposed to keep doing what I've been doing. Sounds about right cause, life has been so great and drama-free lately. I do know that I still have to work on fitting 'me' time in there but, I've been making progress there, too. Lately, I have been thinking about re-organizing my schedule to get at least two non-weekend evenings just for me time/working out. We'll see if I manage that better in the coming weeks.

I finished reading all of Riordan's Olympian series and am really pleased with the series as a whole. Good, witty YA writing that doesn't talk down to the reader or opt for sensationalism/violence/questionable messages but celebrates individuality and creative thinking. A very refreshing change of pace. And, the fifth book was a nice break from Middlemarch which I am determined to finish despite the fact that I still can't believe just how dumb Dorothea Brooke is behaving. (said the pot to the kettle)

I've decided that I am definitely going to have a party around the 18th of July. Still haven't made any firm decisions on the food/drink front. If someone has ideas, please throw them at me cause I could use the suggestions.

Also finished a sleeve for my sweater and started on the back of it this week. Still love it.

I've now watched the entire first season of Pushing Daisies. I want that and the second season when available. So cute and witty and quirky-I love shows like that. In the sea of crap that seems to be tv these days, I can't understand why more people don't flock to a show that's actually both intelligent and fun. Ah well, being part of the minority seems to be my lot in life.

That's it for now. I'm going to try and sleep without aggravating my sunburned neck and back.

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