Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am resolved to continue to be the girl
who laughs too loudly; dreams
too big; gives foolishly; reads and
walks and drives too fast; leaps without
looking; pushes chocolate and books and
yarn; dances when drunk; scorns shoes
when she can; cries when happy;
spoils your children; radicalizes;
scandalizes; tilts at windmills.

I will make you cringe. Or laugh.
Or frown. Or scold. Or smile. I
will be quiet at the wrong time,
leaving questions unanswered or

I will speak when you least expect it,
insist on my own way and inconvenience you.
I'll get lost and find something I
didn't know was there. I'll stay up
too late and get up too early.
I will offer my heart and take back
the pieces as often as necessary. I
will be angry. Delighted. Morose.

All this and then some. Even that
for which I have yet to invent words.

I come by it honestly. And I seek
no other way. Heart-led, I'll
continue to follow in my own
stumbling, shambling, wonderfilled,
wandering way.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I love this. Saw myself in some lines. You said it so well.