Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 123

Noticed today that a blog I read regularly has shut down temporarily citing (albeit obliquely) concerns over the blog's content being read by those the writer is connected with in a professional capacity. At least, that's what I got out of the carefully worded statement that has taken the place of entries. Now, this particular blog does deal with sex and sexuality and the blogger's experiences with sex in a very...explicit manner. Regardless of the content, though, it's troubling to me. Wouldn't you think one's private life should be respected if one made clear, successful efforts to keep it separate from one's professional life? Also, it raises the question of what's an invasion of privacy these days. When does who we are outside the office become fair game for the boss, in other words? MO, I believe, is a right-to-work state, which means they can let you go for almost anything... Something that I'll be thinking about for a while, I'm sure.

Went out hiking again today, this time to Pere Marquette. Horribly muddy but I did manage not to fall this time. Gotta get some decent shoes for this, though. Took some pics which I'll put on fb as soon as it starts cooperating.

Another job interview on the 10th. I keep applying places and hope that something will turn up soon. In the meantime, I registered for PSG and joined the online group for that so, I should be able to put together everything I need and not end up down there for a week without something vitally important.

The next vegetarian potluck is on the 22nd, too, so, if you're reading this and not on fb for an invite, consider this one.

Got to see the munchkins yesterday for a couple hours. We all went to the Science Center and I think they had a good time. Emma and I had a discussion about who would win if a porcupine and a crab had a fight and decided that the crab would be okay as long as it kept its face hidden. Emma: "The porcupine would stick him in the face! In the face! In the face!" You'd have to have seen the demonstration she gave with two puppets to really appreciate it, probably.

Aside from that, I've spent the last week continuing to think about risk and being literally dared to take one or two. We'll see how that goes. If I go through with it (which I will unless I am somehow prevented from it by the gods. So there!) , I'm sure it will find its way in here. Oh, and I had a very nice date the other night with someone far too young for me but who is also quite fun. :)

That's it for now-more another day. Maybe even before next Sunday!

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