Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 333

Recent dreams: One in which I was on a cruise with assorted people from my life, including my sister, J.C. and some coworkers. While on said cruise two other cruise ships blew up and I rescued a little boy from one only to realize he was my son. Then, I lost him in the confusion on *our* ship and fell overboard while my sister watched and did nothing.

Dream 2 has faded except for the part in which my sister shot me in the chest six times while I tried to hide in a public restroom.

And yet, I still summoned up the nerve to ask what the family xmas was going to involve this year. Waiting for a response on that text. Still planning to shop for them the same way, regardless. I just need to know whether to ship the gifts I buy or whether I'll get to deliver them in person.

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