Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night was awesome wrapped up in giggling and goofiness. It was followed by a super-anxiety inducing dream. *Big sigh* I really needed that, right? I'm working hard again, thinking of things that need attention and areas that need growth. Work still sucks but I have scored a three day week and have a much needed visit with Stina to look forward to. But, because I'm feeling off and trying to refocus on expending more energy on what I need rather than trying to fix others' issues, here's a brief list. Anyone want to help me find some of this stuff?

I need more that feeds my soul
Glee (in all the current usages it exists in)
Words that flow like the water at Zoe
Less thorn studded walls
Creative outlets
A good long hike/a picnic
Love (the unconditional kind would be nice)

All of the above without agenda or "shoulds" attached to them.

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