Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Be warned that this post is fairly Pagany/New Age-y.

Reiki. Google it, please, if you're not familiar. A friend of mine practices it and she and I have talked about it over the last couple months. What's been happening, after a couple of emotional conversations in that time, is that I've felt, afterward, as if my throat was just closed, to the point that it was difficult to swallow at points. The feeling passes with time but, having had the experience twice, I'm pretty damn sure that she's right in saying it seems like my throat chakra is blocked somehow. Each time, she's asked what I'm not communicating that I need to or what's keeping me from saying what I need to say. My response could be a list, if I put everything out there. And, yet, I'm saying more (particularly at the times in question) than I normally would. I'm not sure if I'm not communicating things well or if the point I'm trying to make isn't being understood or if some of the things that I can recognize I'm holding back need said more than I think they do. I'm frustrated even more by the possibility that the solution is to be completely open and risk some fairly huge losses. After losing so much in the last six months? The thought is exhausting.

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  1. I've had this sensation. It's the physical effect of being on the very edge of crying, but not having started to do so.