Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Look at that, two posts in two days! Probably shouldn't get used to it.

I was so down yesterday and last night that even grabbing food with Chi didn't pick me up much. Then, listening to some cds on healthy boundaries and relationships just made me feel worse. Oh, and I fell in the tub, bruising myself nicely. Some bruises (like jeerleading obtained ones) are just better than others.

But, I woke up this morning feeling unaccountably better after having a dream that featured my grandma. Can't really remember the details, just that she was the reassuring, calming, presence she was in life in the dream. It was nice. Here's hoping this is a sign that my days will start getting better.


  1. I don't know that things are getting better, but I a working everyday on being luckier and somedays I just feel it is true. Today, I luckily didn't kill anyone. Thought and deed working together to keep me from prison. :)) Wish I could make things better for you.

  2. Thanks, Jamie. Knowing that you're thinking of me and didn't kill anyone (prisons are far away!) makes me smile.