Sunday, May 31, 2009


is not pretty. I feel like I haven't slept in days despite getting a good eight hours last night. So, I'm gonna ramble here briefly, eat something and go to bed.

I babysat my cousin Krista's kids yesterday instead of getting time with Alex and Emma. My cousin Wayne, who's had cancer for years that has been kept fairly under control through radiation treatments, is not doing well and Mom, Aunt Edna and Kim (Krista's mom and grandma for those who don't know) all headed to Kentucky to be with him. So, Angie didn't make the trip from IL and I filled in at the last minute as babysitter to Kade, Gracie and Faith. This was after a morning at the Farmer's Market. I think Kateri's tea business is really going to take off and it was another very busy morning there. The intermittent downpours made things interesting there as well.

Anyway, three kids under seven years old are a handful no matter how you slice it. And, despite planning on taking it easy today, I couldn't turn off the internal "You Must Clean on Sunday" directive that persists in making me actually do something around this apartment.

But, I did go knit for the afternoon and have made a fair bit of progress on my increasingly beautiful sweater. Seriously. I plan on wearing the hell out of this thing when I finish it if it even comes close to fitting me. I have also gotten Holly's baby gift as far as I can go with it until I get more yarn. And, that's not happening until after I get paid sometime this week.

I sent off Green, No, and the untitled poem inspired by she who shall remain nameless to River Styx this week and, despite that being a tough thing to do, I feel really good about it. Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll blog about it, good or bad.

That's it for now-food and bed are calling me.

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