Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59

I want to say something brilliant and philosophic today but all I really think of at the moment is that Mia seems to be on hiatus again. Well, that and some thoughts stemming from the movie I saw with Lori and her friend Beth today. Crazy Heart, an Oscar nom, was a better movie than last year's The Wrestler (which it has some deserved comparisons to) but it still threw in the deadbeat dad who, for whatever reason, just drops contact with his child. The Wrestler viewed the character more sympathetically, I thought, but both movies did, in my opinion, present them as essentially good, wayward, guys who meant well but fucked up. It's a small plot point in Crazy Heart but it still irks me. I don't like the message that there's ever a valid reason for staying away from your child, from not staying in his or her life. And, like with so many other things substandard parents do, I think it is an inexcusable offense. Fuck up raising your child and I don't think much else you do counts.

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