Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 102

There is something about Tower Grove Park-no idea what it is exactly but it has something. There are no more peaceful moments these days than I get just sitting under a tree there, letting the sun soak into my skin and breathing in and out. I look around at the weeds, the tulips, the daffodils and it takes me back to the afternoons spent at my grandma and grandpa's, just sitting and looking at all the plants growing out there. Or, creeping around in the woods until Grandma came looking for us, finding little would-be creeks that we all knew better than to set foot in. I remember seeing some of the 'weeds' and thinking they were just as pretty or prettier than some 'flowers' I saw others growing on purpose. The way the water sounds when the wind blows across it, the way the air contained that hint of honeysuckle and wild horseradish... The sweet and the bitter together, making up this collective memory of spring and summer.

Now, when I walk around in T.G., I see all the violets and tiny white flowers carpeting the ground, making it more of a challenge to find a good sitting spot since I can't help but try to walk around them. Every time I visit, I try and find a new place, a new vantage point to enjoy. I keep telling myself to explore, say, Carondelet Park or one of the others around here but, so far, my ability to find something new at T.G. hasn't been exhausted and I keep returning to it. It just has something.

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