Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 209

It's a random list o' thoughts kind of day.

1) Great party at Janessa's house last night. Got to see some people that don't usually make it to my potlucks. Hope they can make others in future.

2) Tired of this fucking heat lately. Can't we have just one day with below 95 degree temps?

3) I'm all for people using the word 'fuck' more. It's an underused adjective. Throw it into random fucking sentences, I say!

4) So not happy with the poems I've been able to come up with lately. The one from Friday's blog is disappointing and it's the best I've gotten together.

5) Someone should invent a cat hair resistant fabric.

6) It is disturbing how much I love jeerleading and the accompanying practices.

7)I love this. I may have to think of a present for Jimmy for sharing it.

8) I want cookies without having to turn on the oven. Correction: Homemade cookies. Screw storebought ones.

9) I realized that I gotta quit bitching about work on facebook so much but the fact that work is akin to HELL makes that tough. On the list of things I want, that's #1.

10) That makes me think of a better list. I want: a pizza and board game and movie night with friends (nothing fancy, no cooking, just Papa John's and hanging out and watching something), to get something published, more time with the munchkins (way more than an afternoon), more furniture that is actually mine, a few *good* dates (although good sex would be a very very close second), inspiration, guitar lessons, book recommendations, a massage, somewhere to garden AND either an Xbox or a Nintendo Wii (not *one* word about that one.)

11) My dreams have been disconcertingly vivid lately. I blame BP.

That's all at the moment. Oh, except that I'd like to go see Inception and The Kids are Alright when I get paid. Anyone interested?

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