Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 213

Okay, so, I actually got some sleep last night, sort of breaking that streak that was developing. And, yesterday's counseling session went really well. Feeling *much* better about the progress I've made when I sit down and weigh everything out. Brief meltdowns of late aside, that is. The fact that they were extremely brief, though, is something I'm awarding myself kudos for. Also had another enjoyable evening walking and hanging out with Ella. The laughs and puns and double entendres continue on Facebook from those evenings. We do need to find a park with more swings so we can invite some others to join us, though.

Despite all that, I'm not cherishing this neck pain and sinus headache and, as a result am being crabby with those who wander in my office and dole out dumbassery.

Still thinking about getting some folks together for dinner and possibly a movie Saturday or some other equally fun activity. Could be just what the weekend needs.

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