Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 210

Yesterday, I got to spend some time with the Munchkins, Angie, Amy, the BIL's and, of course, my parents. Pretty good afternoon, played dress up with Emma and crawled around in the airducts with Alex, held Parker and rocked him to sleep and got what I think will be some good pictures. Unfortunately, I'm broke until payday so I had to use some black and white film again and can't get the pics developed until Friday. Also, and this really aggravated the hell out of me, my mother has decided that the way to deal with our 'disagreement' is to be in my face and be uber-artificially cheery with me. She kept patting me and asking me how I was until I finally snapped at her after about the fourth time she repeated this little performance. I was proud that I didn't lose it earlier, when she (after inserting herself in almost every picture I took) actually stuck her face right in front of the camera lens while I was trying to get a picture of Bobby holding Parker. *grumbles frustratedly* What is so difficult for her about the concept of owing me an apology and treating me like an adult escapes me but, this saccharine act for the benefit of extended family and in public just pisses me off more.


  1. I take it she doesn't read your blog? Was this just a disagreement over some little thing, or something about the fundamental nature of yourself?

  2. No, I'm quite certain she doesn't read this. If she did, however, it would most likely just feed into her efforts to 'solve' the problem by pretending it's not there. And, yes, it's a problem with my fundamental nature.