Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20

So, I went to check out this chorus my friend Lori's mom is in yesterday. I went to one of their concerts with Lori right before xmas and was really impressed and, after several people encouraged me to give it a shot, decided to attend their open rehearsal and see what was involved. The St. Louis Women's Harmony Chorus-they are not only incredibly talented but also very dedicated performers. The rehearsal went a bit over two hours and the range of songs they perform is something else! I was so tired afterward, probably at least in part because I neglected to eat dinner beforehand and had a medium-grade migraine by the end of the evening. But, they were all very welcoming to me and the other newbies and we all went out for a bite to eat after. I ended up having to excuse myself early and throw up when the migraine peaked. Felt bad about that. And, I'm not 100% certain I'll be able to join given the time and money commitment it requires. The membership dues ($25 per month) may be more than I can budget for and still save for traveling and keep my membership to the Y. But, I'm kind of patting myself on the back nonetheless for going and giving it a shot even if I don't join. I was so nervous about singing around these people I don't really know and the minimal voice test (just to figure out where to put me, vocally) had me so fidgety the woman testing me kind of scolded me for it just a little.

Anyway, other than that excitement, I'm enjoying my vacation days. Got a haircut today, got to sleep in a bit and put some more pictures up on facebook. Still enjoying the peace of setting limits and scaling back some problematic relationships. Clarity is good, removing sources of drama is even better.

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