Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

Well, thankfully, today went much faster at work. I think having about 3 times as many orders as usual plus a mystery shipment that we had to track down helped. Of course, it's incredibly cold out and that made the mail run SO much fun. After work, Chi and I went out for dinner and gossip about all the people at work. Well, all the ones who deserve to be gossiped about. She is so much fun to hang out with, it sucks that she lives so far away. If I could brainwash her into moving further south, we could be workout buddies! That'd be fun. Speaking of working out, I actually did get to the gym today, too. Getting up at 5 am didn't happen but, I think I can get a routine down by heading there after dinner. The Y is great-lots of good equipment and a really good track for running/walking. I may have to check out the pool next time. Also, Mom joined facebook and is spending a lot of her time playing games and earning 'prizes.' It's probably going to be less amusing as she gets more familiar with the site and quits confusing her status message with posting something on someone's wall.

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