Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3

Today I was moderately productive. I cleaned a bit, set up a membership at the new Carondelet Rec center and attempted (again) to get the headlight on the Civic working. The guys at the auto parts store could barely get their hands in between it and the air filter (I think that's what it is, anyway) and, like me, they couldn't disconnect the power from the old bulb, either. So, I'll be taking it to my cousin's in Potosi as soon as I can get time. I was going to do it tomorrow but everyone else seems to be taking vacation so I have to be at work. Went to knitting today, too, and got to see all of Jenna's pics from her recent trip to Ireland. I am SO jealous. Glen Hansard made a surprise appearance at a concert she went to and stood about five feet from her and sang. We talked and giggled at the pics of him like 13 year old girls. Methinks Xmas 2010 would be an excellent time to visit Dublin.

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