Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23

I watched 'Away We Go' on dvd today. Decent movie although I didn't think the acting was spectacular or anything. But, it did raise a question that has repeatedly raised itself in my life. What does 'home' look like? How do we know when we find it? For me it feels like a place filled to the brim with acceptance, love, trust, understanding, etc. I remember feeling at home anytime I was with my grandma (and with my grandpa, too, but especially with her). It's what I hope to create for myself again and for those in my family as they come along. I guess 'home,' like so many other things looks different to other people. Maybe for others it's built around certain individuals, or a specific location or just a feeling of comfort they carry within themselves. Again, like with so many other things, I think we just know when we find it.

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