Friday, May 15, 2009

Chalk up another week

Sunday, March 08, 2009

It's been a week of all kinds of accomplishments! I got some pictures hung up (well, a couple of 'em anyway), finally finished the shawl I've been working on since SEPTEMBER, got my federal refund and filed the state taxes, picked up a table (a gift from a book club friend), saw Slumdog Millionaire, reupped my Knitters Guild membership, and organized my filing system again (it had been in disarray since the move).

Now that I've patted myself on the back a bit... I still have to find time to get my license changed back to Fitzwater, get the light bulbs changed in my bedroom (high ass ceilings) and continue trying to get some furniture in this place. I'm leaning toward getting a couch first since I have a table now (without chairs to go around it).

Got to go have sushi at Drunken Fish with Chiquita from work which was all kinds of fun and gave both of us a chance to vent and enjoy some girl talk. Also hung out with Monica a couple times which is such a gift these days. I think there are so many holidays that celebrate family we don't choose, religious holidays, holidays in honor of public figures and holidays that honor the concept of romantic love-where are the days we get to just celebrate the friends who hang in there with us? Something to think about, maybe.

Emma should be getting her appointment with another specialist soon (probably at Children's Hospital) and, hopefully, this one will go better than the earlier one. Still pissed at the dumbass doctor in Marion over that.

I'm totally loving the weather lately. It's been so gorgeous out. Time to get the Birkenstocks resoled! I must say, also, that I just love Tower Grove Park. It's so close now and it's a great place to sit and read or take a walk when the weather permits.

Been reading A Game of Thrones during lunches and between knitting marathons (to finish the shawl) this week and, for fantasy, this is a great book! Huge cast of characters (which reminds me of Dickens) and great development of them as well as beautiful description of the landscape (which reminds me of Tolkien). I hear they're making a movie of it for HBO-if somebody happens to catch it, I'd like to know what you think of it.

I'm feeling a bit itchy to start finding some sort of academic pursuit lately. Not sure what that means or what to do with it. The options that come to mind are to start tackling some more ambitious reading, to finally go ahead and get some violin lessons set up or to take that photography class I've been thinking about for ages. (Are the last two really that academic, though?) I'm still sure that not pursuing the Ph.D. is the right choice for now but, I think I need a new challenge in that general realm.

And, that is it for the moment. Life is still good and, the rain's stopped and the sun is shining again. Might just get outside and go enjoy that for a while.

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