Friday, May 15, 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

Call them belated Easter/Passover/Ostara/whatever gifts. And, if you heard these already, sorry.
#1-Amy: (After being leaned on by Emma in a somewhat annoying way) Get off me!
Emma: Oh, I'll get off you all right!

#2-Mom and Emma are discussing who in our family will have a baby next.
Emma: Amy will. (Comes out and actually points at Amy) Yeah, it'll be Amy cause she's the one that's married.
Amy and Mom: You think so?
Emma: Yeah. She just got married. (Walks over to my chair and pats me on the arm) You'll prolly have to 'dopt.

#3-Amy kicks or nudges her dog, Maverick with her foot. So, Emma walks right over and kicks her back.
Amy: Don't kick me! That hurts!
Emma: I wanted to kick her so she'd see what it feels like.
My niece is awesome-just in case there was any doubt.

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