Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I've been remiss in my blogging of late. And, mostly that's cause not much seems to be going on. But, to make it up, I'm going to put two blogs on today.

I had a very busy weekend. Went out with Patrick again which was fun. We went to King and I and then to Mokabe's for coffee. He's a nice guy, very smart but really shy (don't ask). But, the highlight of the weekend had to be Solange's birthday party. Getting together at Syberg's for drinks and karaoke was so much fun! I paid for it the next day, of course, but it was totally worth it. She put together a great group of people to celebrate with.

Finally finished that shawl I was working on and gave it to my boss on Monday. She loved it and didn't even notice the mistakes (which I thought were horribly obvious).

I made the decision to go ahead and work on cutting meat out of my diet. I've tossed going to vegetarianism around for a while but never could commit to it. I decided to approach it by stopping eating red meat first. One week in, and I'm not finding it overly difficult but we'll see what happens over time. I think getting to know some more recipes will be helpful.

Also, Daisy went into heat this week so, my sleep has been next to nothing because she howls all night. I know I should've gotten her spayed sooner but, given her size I kind of thought I had a little longer. So, given how tired I am I may just go to bed now.

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