Friday, May 15, 2009

Too tired to be anything but random

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last week, I said I wanted to spend more time writing. Guess how much I've accomplished. That's right, not a damn thing! I did, however, start a sweater I've been daydreaming about trying for almost a year. The gift I'm working on for my cousin Holly's baby is getting mediocre attention since I cast on for the sweater but, I suppose I have time to finish it before the baby's born.

This month's book club read is The Reader and I sped through the last hundred pages or so of it today. Excellent, very profound novel about the Holocaust and one German's attempt to come to terms with it. Seriously-read it.

I find it odd that I just ordered you all to read The Reader.

Spent a fun day at the zoo with the family last Saturday despite the heat and the kids' sugar highs.

They fired one of the inspectors at work today, making all the supervisors stalk around in an ominous fashion right up until the zero hour. Chiquita (who has the office next to mine) and I were given strange assignments that had us far away when it happened although we certainly gossiped enough while gone about what was happening and coming to the conclusion that someone was definitely getting the axe.

I feel sushi-deficient.

And, movie-deficient. If rent weren't due this week, I could satisfy both of those longings on Friday. It'd be nice if someone wanted to go with. If that was the case, I might be convinced to go anyway.

I watched the first season of Roseanne last week (via a library dvd) and realized that the show, while funny, was also strangely depressing. No wonder they jumped the shark in the last season or so with the lottery win.

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I have no idea what we're doing although I did suggest to Amy and Angie that we take Mom out for a girls' day.

If I go to the One Hour LOTR on Friday, that might calm my movie deficiency.

Also, I want to go to a concert sometime soon but have no idea if anyone worth seeing is coming to town anytime in the not-too-distant future.That's it for now-think I'll take a bath and go to bed.

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