Friday, May 15, 2009

The thinks I think

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have had a week, let me tell you. I spent a large part of it getting smacked again by things that inspired the rant and gave me even more things to add to the edicts that would shape the world were it mine. Despite the fact that I'm working on not getting emotionally invested in things I have no control over and thinking I'm responsible for saving the kids horribly stupid relatives of mine insist on populating the planet with, I found myself sucked in, angry/sad/sickened for several days. Well, if I'm wholly honest, I still am but all I can really do is shake my head and hope for the best. Why certain members of my family even have children is a question I'd like answered at some point. And, as several of you have already lent their ears to this issue and I like to avoid redundancy....

*leaves it there and moves on to more pleasant topics*

This week at work, I apparently came one step closer to being indispensable as my supervisor tells me she had thoughts of getting me a pager so she can reach me wherever I am as I go about my job. I also got asked to start sitting in on three more meetings per month, bringing the total I attend to 5. And, I'm supposed to keep notes at at least one of them so the boss doesn't have to attend. June, however, is closer all the time with not a hint of how the budget's going to shake out. I just keep saving away and hope for the best.

Finished Ishmael this week (please, someone else read it and talk about it with me!) and the third of the Twilight series. That series definitely improved in my opinion with that book. One chapter, in particular, was very well written and almost enough to make me recommend them (close but no cigar). Still don't think they're good, thematically, for teenage girls. As if they need another example telling them they need a male hero to save them from themselves?

This weather is pissing me off. One day it's gorgeous, the next it's snowing. I want spring...

I went to see Javier Mendoza with Wendy from book club Friday. If you haven't heard his music, I really suggest checking him out. He performs at a lot of small venues around here and that marked the second time I've caught him for free. Went shopping finally and got some new work clothes that fit. Spent too much but I do keep clothes an absurdly long time. Oh, and I tied up some loose ends on Saturday. So relieved to have gotten at least one toxic person out of my life.

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for an update on Emma's doctor visit if you're interested.

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