Friday, May 15, 2009

A Rant

Suspend disbelief if you will. I'm remaking the world according to
my specifications.

In this new world:

People who punish their children by hitting and/or humiliating them will
face a punishment of equivalent measure. Breaking a child's spirit and/or
destroying their self-confidence will result in your right to parent said child
either being revoked or subject to permanent supervision depending on the
severity of the offense.

Those who attempt to censor or critique literature they have not read will
immediately be required to read all available works by the author in question
AND the collected works of William Faulkner.

It is now a punishable offense to allow children younger than the driving age in
your state to wear clothing that is revealing or inappropriate on anyone other
than Britney Spears. (Whether such clothing is appropriate for Ms. Spears is
another question) Example: A 5 year old child is not permitted to wear midriff-
baring tops and low-riding jeans. And, while I'm at it-the fact that it may or may
not be fashionable is not only not an excuse but will be viewed as further evidence
of the offense.

In addition to the foregoing regulations, all McDonald's Playplaces are hereby to
be closed and destroyed. Signs shall be posted directing children and their parents
to the nearest park, public playground and, in the event of inclement weather, library.

Further review of all businesses directly marketing to children under the age of 10
and using toys to lure them to eat food that is not only unhealthy but also potentially addictive will be pending this declaration as will the marketing of cosmetics to young
girls and military-themed toys and/or toy weapons to young boys.

Okay, enough of the legalese. What I'd really like is a world where compassion is the
guiding principle. One where we let kids be kids for longer than it takes to get them
out of diapers. One where we allow their personal characteristics and traits to determine who they become and not just their gender. One where we let words like 'normal' go
by the wayside and honestly embrace diversity and all that it entails. One where
people actually attempt to put themselves in another person's shoes and consider how
what they are about to say/do might impact the people around them.

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