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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As this would be my grandma's birthday, I thought I'd share a bit about her. Those of you who were privileged enough to know her, feel free to tack on your thoughts/memories.
Her name was Gladys and she was the greatest hugger ever. Nobody could top her there. She also made the best cinnamon rolls, fried chicken, biscuits-well, frankly, if she cooked it, it was the best of its kind. She was the oldest of five and, after her mother died during her childhood, she and her brothers and sisters were raised by their father who always, when asked why he didn't remarry, said that he'd be mother and father both to them.
She married young, not quite sixteen, and had six children of her own. Although I can't speak to her abilities as a mom, I know that she always emphasized the importance of school as well as being one of the most loving women to walk the earth. I don't recall ever seeing her lose her temper although she wasn't shy about correcting us when we went wrong. I'm sure my sister and cousins on here can attest to the power she wielded with a very thin switch plucked from a nearby tree. When angry or tested, she would turn to music and I can still hear her voice as she'd sing hymns over the dishes or as she would escape to another room so no one would see her cry.
She was intelligent and had an innate ability to get just about anything to grow as well as being able to see through issues that befuddled me at times. Ever an optimist, even when her heart was failing her she still managed to have a smile for everyone that visited her and to insist that she was 'doing just fine.'
Through a life that saw many ups and downs, she remained a bright spot for all who knew her. I, who was lucky enough to be her granddaughter, can claim her as my personal hero. I miss her smiles and laughter and often find myself wishing I could sit down across her battered formica table from her and share a cup of tea with her just once more.

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