Friday, May 15, 2009

Sort of the same old song

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I actually meant to blog on Sunday and totally forgot. Not that anything much is going on (hence the subject line on this one if you don't count my wicked love of the alliteration going on there). My days and evenings have begun to develop a pattern of late. Nearly every evening is spoken for in one way or another and weekends tend to be filled up cleaning, doing laundry and, about half the time, visiting the family. Went to see Angie and the kids at my aunt's on Saturday and managed to have an enjoyable time. My cousin Travis' daughter is so cute it seems unfair to other babies. I admit, however, that I'm in no small way biased by the fact that she seems to adore me and loves to let me hold her for as long as I'm willing to or until someone else demands a turn.

Work's still good and, oddly enough, one of my many supervisors told me she just loves the job I'm doing there. They are, in my opinion, easily impressed but I'm certainly not going to try and disabuse them of such ideas.

And, as usual, I'm reading and knitting all the damn time. Ishmael by Daniel Quinn is the book of the moment and I would love it if I could get someone else to read it and tell me what they think. (Monica, you are obviously off the hook) And, speaking of Monica-she's kindly read and not torn to shreds some of my poetry and Wednesdays are now our evening for writing-type endeavors. It's been interesting and is forcing me to work on my confidence in my writing. Not just the act of sharing it (which was a big step for me) but also changing the way I approach it and beginning to see it as more than just an outlet for whatever emotions I can't get rid of any other way. It's a change and definitely a positive one. Can't say enough about positive change these days-plenty of that happening and, hopefully, more to come.

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