Friday, May 15, 2009

Ruminations and a request

So, I am officially hired at Wash. U. now! I'm not a temp! I'll have benefits very soon! It's awesome and I've got to pat myself on the back cause I've worked my ass off to make it happen. It's true, though, that my hours are going down a bit to the 80% level but, the benefits and the raise make things even out. Timewise, I may be able to take on something very part-time in the evenings. But, I am going to be helping out my friend with her stand at the Tower Grove Farmer's Market on Saturdays and there'll be a little extra money in that so I may not have to look further than that. We'll see-I want to cut back on how much I'm driving and start working out when I can since I'll have access to the campus gyms now.

Still not done with Holly's baby gift-I'm going to have to do some hard core knitting on it to get it finished soon.

Everyone needs to go read Rick Riordan's Olympians series right away. It's awesome. Nearly HP good but not quite.

Now, I do (as the title indicates) have a request but I'll give you an Emma-ism as an advance.Emma's terribly allergic (or maybe susceptible is the right word) to poison ivy. The poor thing gets it if it's even been burned and is in the air. She's got it bad at the moment, even around her eyes and everything. So, Angie and Amy were talking about how bad it was and how Em was suffering with it within earshot of her. She, smartass in training that she is, comes back with, "Well, I'd rather have poison ivy than be dead!" I know I'm awfully biased but she is such a smart kid and she speaks her mind like nobody's business. I hope she never loses that. So many girls grow up to think they're always supposed to be nice and agreeable and put themselves last. If she doesn't fall into that trap, it's going to be awesome to watch.So, on to the request. I'm trying to choose some of my poems to submit for publication. I want to pick three and, honestly, I think some of the ones on here are the best candidates. If you guys could help me by recommending which ones you think are good for that, I'd really appreciate it.

That's it for now-I'm going to hit the hay early so that I can stay up tomorrow night and go out with Monica.

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